Thank you for ordering Organizing Time with Dr. DeClutter!

If we’ve not spoken yet, I will email you from your PayPal invoice to schedule our appointment.

PREP TOOLS to get ready for our appointment:

1. Cleaning supplies: broom/vac, dry clothes for dusting.

2. Sorting boxes/containers. Cardboardboxes  if leaving the house for donation. Cardboard, plastic or other for keeping in-house.

3. Trash bags, Ziplock(R) bags for containing small items.

4. Trash can – for real trash; Recycle bin; Shred box for paper.

5. File foldersand/or hanging files if office organizing.

6. Marker pens.

7. Packing tape if boxes have been broken down.

DONATIONS: I am happy to take most all donations away for you in my van.

I’m so looking forward to meeting you and helping you move on and out of your clutter frustrations and back into peace and harmony in your home, office or environment.

Call or email if you have any questions:  303.485.5280  /

With Order In Mind,

Dr. DeClutter

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