"Are You Stuck? Frustrated With Your Life Not Going Where You Want? Do You Want To Stop Waiting, Get Moving, And Realize Your Dreams?

Are You Losing Time?

Need A Jump Start?"

I'm More Than Excited To Offer My New Program ONE RABBIT, Where You Will Get The Methods And Tools To Get And Stay UNSTUCK.

I'm Inviting You And Your Friends Who Are Ready To Jump Start Your Dreams and Desires, Everyday TO-DOs And Goals -- To Be, Do and Have -- More Of Your Best Life Now!

Are You Ready?

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Join me as I share a powerful package of formulas to you who are tired of listening to your same old stories, complaints and frustrations. You who are ready to take your life back, in the small day-to-day issues to the BIG LIFE STORY of "What Do I REALLY Want?" areas and start moving forward NOW!

This Program is a Recording of a Live Teleclass.

ONE RABBIT: The 7-Step Method to Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want Now


Special price of $37 includes Mp3 of Program and Learning Materials


One Rabbit: The 7-Step Method to Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want Now

Time is used up, wasted and lost by distractions, the past and old thought patterns trying to follow and chase too many “rabbits.” RABBITS look like thoughts, ideas, dreams and creative “squirrels and shiny objects.” RABBITS are those 60,000 thoughts a day that are mostly useless and get us nowhere, swirling around the past, old issues, dramas, other people’s issues, fear, anxiety, worry and other time and life wasters.

How many rabbits are you chasing? How many TO DO lists, piles of ideas, and notes do you have sitting around ignored, but “talking to you” every day, that cause you stress?

How many dreams and visions for your better and best life are still sitting stuck, causing you great pain, yearning and fear that they will never happen?

How many times have you said, “This is the day, week, month, new year that I’m going to (fill in the blank)”, and it still hasn’t happened?

How does that feel? It feels defeating, awful and ads more fear and darkness to your rabbit hole.

The key to changing your life experience and outcomes is simple, follow only ONE RABBIT.


Purchase This Program And Get Moving NOW On Your TO-DOs And Goals For The Outcomes You Desire

Stop chasing all the rabbits. Choose the ONE RABBIT to completion and feel great fast!

In this power packed program you will

• Explore the 3 very basic steps of attaining your desires... 1) Choose your objective, 2) Create a plan of attack, 3) Execute the plan ... and why this plan doesn't work!!
• Learn how to repattern your thoughts to stop wondering away from your focused choices and desires
• Define what you really want in order to move forward in your life in any area
Use the 7-Step Method to change your life immediately
• Define what you need to let go of, to “declutter” on any level in order to move ahead on what’s better and best for you
• Get "permission" to make the changes you want, even when it's scary and others may not like it!
• Learn to use one proven Key To Success - Building Your ABS! (And no, this is not a body part!)
• How to get the ongoing support and help you want and need to expand and enjoy your life more

Purchase now and stop being stuck and frustrated! 

I want you to get moving on your life choices, goals and dreams right now.

A One Time Special Price For You And Your Friends.

This Program Is Normally $97.00


Receive This Life Changing Program For

Only $37.00

Who else do you know who needs to stop wondering around and get focused on their life's desires?

Who else do you know who needs a jump start and the focused steps and support for the changes they want?

Invite your friends and family to purchase this program too! It's better to be around people who "get it!" 

• over 60 minute recorded Mp3 program packed with information that will help you make changes immediately
• comprehensive learning materials that you can use to help you with any decision for a life time


Time Waits For No One!

Buy Now, USE NOW, And Don't Lose Another Minute To Move Toward Your Dreams

Only $37.00  


"Quote Pulled from the Testimonial"

"Kim helped me shift my thoughts, perception and energy about what I "thought" was important, my ONE RABBIT, and what I really wanted to be doing in my life. It happened so fast it was amazing! Then, she continued to help coach me through some hard spots in making my dreams my reality. My life is SO much better today than it was before I worked with Kim. She has an endless well of ideas and support that is priceless. Thank you!"

~ Dana, Denver, CO

"The learning materials are so helpful. They made me see for the first time how I don't stay focused on one thing to the end. This is very helpful."

~ Linda, Tampa, FL


I've worked with thousands of people over 35 years of speaking, teaching and coaching for life change. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon and helping you make the changes you want too! How exciting to jumpstart your New Year this way!


Kim Wolinski, MSW



Not sure about buying now?

If not now, when?

If you're not sure about committing to your life and dreams now - stepping into the life you really want to live now - consider this quotation,

"The question is not, "What if I die tomorrow?"

It is

"What if I live another 20 or 30 years the way I am?"


Step out of fear and frustration, lost time and energy and start making the changes you want NOW!


You will receive the Mp3 and learning materials. Watch your inbox!



Kim Wolinski, MSW  "Dr. DeClutter"

Priority Coach, Author, Speaker, Organizer


PS  If you need to talk about your stuck places, I have a Special $97 One Time Only 60 Minute Telecoaching Session available for you.

Go here and order, let's get you moving forward!


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