eBook: Burn Your House Down!

Burn Your House Down! 

And 99 other ways to create an organized life

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Burn Your House Down! Get the book today and get organized!

Professional Organizer and Organizational Skills Expert,
Kim Wolinski, “Dr. DeClutter”
has compiled her in-depth experience over the past 13 years, helping hundreds of home owners, renters and business owners declutter and get organized.

What’s keeping you from getting organized?

Kim has put her tips, strategies, stories and streamlined suggests in this thought provoking and A-B-C easy to follow instruction manual. You’ll enjoy her humor and “next door neighbor” advice that will help you gain control over your clutter quickly..

“Thank you Kim for your ebook. I couldn’t put it down. The stories you share throughout the book are incredible. Your experiences are amazing. I’m using everything you said to do! It’s already making a big difference in my home. Thank you so much!” ~ Janice, St. Paul, MN

If you are tired of trying to get organized, of losing time and energy, feeling embarrassed and limiting your joy with others and yourself due to clutter, Kim walks you through every step of how to get and stay organized for good.

As a Stress, Change and Organizational Skills Expert and Lifestyle Coach, Kim wants you to take your life back now! If you have “stuff” in your way physically, it is surely affecting you mentally, emotionally, in your relationships and spiritually too. Clutter and disorganization may be keeping your business from succeeding, affecting your financial freedom as well.

  • Find out why we have clutter in the first place.
  • How to get started sorting and decluttering.
  • How to move past “trancing” and take action on piles and heaps.
  • Learn the 10 Steps to Organize Anything.
  • Learn simple sorting secrets to get past, “should I keep this or not?”
  • How to create systems that keep your stuff where  you can find it again.
  • The reasons you give yourself to procrastinate and how to override them.
  • Learn which Clutter Personality Style you are and how to use it to declutter anyway.

You’ll have all the right information to get and stay organized, get all future events organized and holidays planned, and a session with me to weed out any issues where you get stuck..

 You gave me permission to stop feeling bad about my “clutter” and just do get on with the decluttering, deciding and reorganizing already. What a waste of time it’s been feeling so bad about all this stuff! Thank you. ~ Paula, Dallas, TX


Burn Your House Down! (eBook) Table of Contents

Here is the Table of Contents so that you can see all that I have in store for you.
There’s so much more than this, but I wanted the Contents page to be just one page!

Introduction  5
Why is this Book Titled “Burn Your House Down”?  8
Define Clutter: There are 3 Kinds of Clutter 10
How This Book Will Help You  16
P.S. You are not your clutter and you are not your house 17

PART ONE:  Got Clutter? How Did This Happen? 18
As the Cluttered World Turns—Why We Have Clutter—INNER CLUTTER 19
The 1% Method 21
How to Stop Bringing Unnecessary Stuff into Your Life-Space 27
The Two Necessary Steps to Control Clutter 31
The Top 33 Reasons for Not Decluttering 32
The 6 Main Rational Reasons for Staying Disorganized 34
The Most Asked Question About Getting Organized 36
The 5 Key Steps To Get Started Decluttering 36
Ways to Get Motivated to Get Organized 38
What “Being Organized” Means 42
Clutter Personalities: Nature or Nurture? 44
Living With Clutter-Bugs 57
The Third Kind of Clutter: “Other” Clutter 57

PART TWO:  The 10-Steps to Declutter and Get Organized Forever  59
Where Do I Start? 60
The 10-Steps to Declutter Anything 61
Necessary Prep Tools to Make Your Job a Breeze 63
The 11 Containers Needed to Make Sorting Easy 64
Time to Start and How to Sort 73
The Best Way to Store Items 85
The 80 / 20 RULE 87
Keys to Maintaining Clutter and Staying Organized 90

PART THREE:  Paper Management: Home and Office 93
Don’t Let Your Desk and Paper Clutter Stack Up 94
THE BASIC STEPS TO ORGANIZE PAPER/The 5 D’S to Effective Paper Management 97
How To Opt Out and Get Off Mailing and Call list 101
How to Design Your Office for Maximum Organization 102
6 Keys for Handling Receipts 105
How to Organize and Maintain Important and Vital Documents 107
End of Life Material Possessions Planning 116

PART FOUR:  Specialty Areas 118
Family Heirlooms /  Memorabilia 120
Death and Grief  121
Organizing Kids and Their Stuff 122
Other’s Clutter in Your Space  127
What About Holiday Organizing? 129
The 20 Rules to Organize and Control Clutter in Every Area of Your Life 129

The Top 33 Reasons for Not Decluttering, and How to Override Them 135
About Author 139
Feedback from Kim’s Client’s and Program Participants 140-143
Products and Services 144

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    "The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew." ~ Abraham Lincoln