Letting Go With All Your Might Workbook – What Other’s Are Saying!

“A well thought out and practical guide for change. If you are ready to let go – read it.”
~ Dr. Bernie Siegel
Author, Love, Medicine & Miracles

“In Letting Go With All Your Might, Kim weaves a beautiful tapestry that guides her audience in a journey of living life’s purpose, and how to recognize and use life’s lessons and transitions as a creative and driving force to get the most from each day. This is wonderful, wise, warm and insightful.”
~ Barbara Dossey, RN, MS, FAAN
Director, Holistic Nursing Consultants
Author, Rituals of Healing: Using Imagery for Health and Wellness


Kim describes the cycle of loss, confusion, surrender and transition into higher levels of consciousness and decision- making in her easy to follow, impactful 11-Stage ReDecisions Model where the reader will visually see the stages that we each travel through to “get to the other side” when life events – mundane to life and death – cause us to question “what is”.

Used by counselors, therapists and everyday people worldwide, this workbook is packed with inspiring and teaching stories, analogies, over 100 thought provoking quotes and 40 exercises to help you identify limiting beliefs, perceptions and thoughts that may be keeping you stuck, and how to let go of the same. Learn why life is a struggle, and the keys to change any struggle to peace.

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“This is a delightful book filled with many helpful ideas and exercises for increasing the beautiful moments of your life. I highly recommend it.”
~ Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.
Author, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
“Reading Kim Wolinski’s book is like having a conversation with Kim herself: enlightening, enlivening and entertaining!”
~ Sue Thoele, MA
Author, The Courage To Be Yourself
“Letting Go With All Your Might is a fresh and insightful guide to transition and transformation. A must for all who are dedicated and on-purpose.”
~ Rev. Edwene Gaines
The Master’s School, author, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

“This is really a lovely book. A book that can make a positive difference. It is a plethora of ideas to help people change the way they look at things, ways of refocusing and to objectively discover their purpose.”
~ Lee Rindner, Psychotherapist
KNUS Radio Talk Show Host
Denver, Colorado
“We use Letting Go… in our psychotherapy practice. Our clients get so much out of it and we use many of the practical and down-to-earth stories, quotes and exercises in our sessions. Very helpful.”
~ Pat Miller, Psychotherapist, Dallas, TX
“Wow. You were talking directly to me in the seminar. I needed this and made changes and new decisions in my direction before the program was finished! Your book is great, sounds just like you!”
~ Carol, Family Counselor, Kansas City, MO
American Counselor’s Association Convention
“Your book and information helped me to make the decision to change jobs, towns and lifestyle. Thank you for helping me to let go and make the changes and necessary decisions.”
~ Jim, City Manager, Dallas, TX
“It’s my bible! It’s helped me so much.”
~ Shirley, Piano Teacher, Longmont, CO

“When the key stages in the process of change and transition can actually be seen, it makes all the difference. From your 11-Stage Model diagram, I see now that there’s a pattern, a real viable path that when understood and followed makes future change and transitions less painful, less scary, less powerful and controlling. This model is life changing.”
~ Joanne K, Counselor, San Francisco, CA

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