WEEK 4: Lose Your Big “Buts” Guided Imagery

How To Lose Your Big “Buts”
The Keys to Overcome Indecision, Gain Focus and Take Right Action


Session 4 – Lose Your Big “Buts” Guided Imagery

It’s helpful to use this mind calming and focusing imagery audio as often as you can while focusing your awareness and intention on changing old habits and creating new, positive and proactive habits that serve you in the best of ways.

Getting quiet and listening to a guided imagery like this is helpful in calming your mind and keeping your ego and thoughts busy on what you want them to focus on in order to shift and re-wire your mindset and your brain’s neuronet-pathways toward what you really want for your future, near and far.

Plan this time undisturbed so that you get the most from it.  This session is about 10 minutes long.

There is no learning material with this audio.

NOTICE: Legalities
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See you next session!

Click on arrow (PLAY) or 2 bars (PAUSE) to listen. There is a little dead air before it starts.

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