How To Lose Your Big “Buts” Audio Course

How To Lose Your Big “Buts”
The Keys to Overcome Indecision, Gain Focus and Take Right Action

What “buts” are keeping you from taking action in any area of your life?

  • I’d ________, “but” I just don’t have time!
  • I’d ________, “but” I just keep getting distracted.
  • Etc . . .

I’ve created this program for intense focus on helping you get your TO DOs TO DONE! Get rid of your big buts that are weighing you down and holding you back from the life you want and truly deserve.


How often do you sit back and wonder:
• How can I become more successful?
• I wish I knew how to be happier.
• I wish I could get motivated enough to start . . . (my own business, or other great idea!)
• What can I do to improve my golf game?
• What can I do to meet my deadlines and manage my time better so that my boss values me more?
• How can I start my diet again and stick to it this time?
• Why can’t I stay on an exercise program long enough to really get the benefits?
• Why can’t I stay focused and get organized, my house and office make me nuts!

What do these thoughts have in common? The need for clear intention and result oriented action taken – focused and disciplined. That’s it!

“Yeah, buuuut . . . “

In How To Lose Your Big Buts, I’ll show you step-by-step everything you MUST know to break habits, get your projects completed and goals underway. We’ll be discussing and working on:

• How to (Step-by-Step) Move Past Stuck Places
• Belief and Mind Management
• Habit Breaking, How to Set Your Intention and Do it
• How to De-Program Your Thoughts and Beliefs of the Past
• The 8 Stages of Effective Decision-Making
• Find Your “No”: The 5 Step Model for Self-Directed Change
• Time Management: The Myth and the Makeover
• The 8 Stage Self-Discipline Model
• How to Stop Counterproductive Habits

Kim is the most compassionate, caring and motivational teacher I’ve ever met. I’ve been able to “declutter” my “inner clutter” in ways that are making all kinds of shifts and changes happen in my life, ones I’ve wanted and some really great unexpected ones! Thanks, Kim.  ~ Jenelle, Dallas, TX

I’ve created this program to be very comprehensive. You’ll also get:
• LEARNING MATERIALS each week with writing exercises
• ASSIGNMENTS towards the completions and forward movement you desire
• to EMAIL me during the 6 weeks to ask questions when you get stuck
• AUDIO MESSAGES and podcasts from me weekly answering yours and other group member questions
• HAND-HOLDING! I’ll be there all along the way to support you in compassion well as laughter and joy! 

*BONUS! When you sign up for the BUTS-OUT FULL PACKAGE #1 in one payment and complete the class, you’ll also receive the following three BONUSES:
1. Ebook: Simplify Your Holidays and Everyday
2. Ebook: The Worry Control Handbook.
Both ebooks are packed with lists, questions, exercises and solutions to all things needing order, re-decisions and peace!
3. A second private coaching session with me at the end of the 6 weeks or 6 months (packages vary).

This is an in-depth and content rich program.

Your courses have so inspired me to get off my butt and “buts” and get one with projects and dreams I’ve had for too long. I did finish painting my basement, two scrapbooks and finished my living will! Man, that feels great. It opened up my head, heart and energy like crazy. I know they’d all be sitting there yet if I hadn’t gotten your nudge, push and pulls to DO IT NOW! Thanks, Kim, you’re great.  ~ Pat, Seattle, WA

I am a great believer in conditioning your mind for success. This can be success in business, in your everyday life comings and goings, in staying organized, losing weight, exercising, or following through on tasks, projects and goals you “keep trying to find time to do.” The “Yeah, buts” can really get in our way, keeping us stuck, spinning and stopped for days, weeks and years.

Would you like to be more successful in any area of your life, big or mundanely-daily-small? Like getting dishes put away every night, the laundry done (already) and not being late for appointments?

Success means “the gaining of something desired, planned or attempted.”
Success comes from the Latin word meaning “to go after”.

What would you like “to go after” and accomplish, complete, finish, achieve, be, do, have or get? – before it’s too late. Time does keep ticking away, no matter how we’d like to stop it.

In today’s world of non-stop distractions, interruptions and detours from our chosen path, we have to constantly guard our minds against negative media reports, complaining friends, family, co-workers and employees, and so much more.

“Yeah, but . . . I just can’t stay disciplined long enough!”
“Yeah, but . . . I just can’t stay focused!”
“Yeah, but . . . I can’t find time to exercise!”
“Yeah, but . . . I just don’t know where to start putting my photo albums and scrapbooks together, so there they sit.”
“Yeah, but . . . I just don’t know how to market my business and just stop and take naps!”

How much longer do you want to live this way? Without changing your mental patterns and habits that have made a deep rut, detouring you off your Best Life Road to Happiness, you will continue to keep going down that road. That’s a fact.

9 out of 10 people in my workshops, organizing job clients that I meet and work with and person I meet at events say at least once, “I wish I had more time, I just can’t get things done! But  . . . I just don’t get stuff done anyway even when I do have time.” Followed by an eye roll and muffled laughter of guilt, shame and embarrassment and shoulder shrug of, “Oh, well!”

That “Oh, well” has a high price! Like, the rest of their lives!

You’ve heard it, “I keep meaning to get around to it, but I can’t even get started! I’m so overwhelmed I can’t think straight. I start working on this project and I just glaze over, or I’m interrupted all the time. I feel so frustrated with myself. What’s wrong with me? Sometimes I actually get so depressed that I can’t stay disciplined enough to follow through and finish all these projects and do what I know to do.”

I’ve had plenty of clients and program audience members say, “I wish I could take you home with me to keep me as motivated and inspired as I am right now during your program!”

On the back cover of my book, Letting Go With All Your Might, A guide to life transitions, change, choices and effective redecisions, I have written,

The question is not, “What if I die tomorrow?”
It is “What if I live another 20 or 30 years the way I am?”

When I share this statement in my presentations people are startled and I hear lots of moans and groans.

How would your life be different if . . . you had no buts! How would your life be different if you acted upon the things you know to do and completed them? Great!

How To Lose Your Big Buts
The Keys to Overcome Indecision, Gain Focus and Take Right Action


We all know that habits die hard – if not evaluated and changed through consistent disciplined choices. This is a sort of hell in itself of course (certainly not heaven!) that we continue doing the same things over and over and finding ourselves further and further from our goals as each day and week and year move on.

So, whether issues involve weight loss, strength training, business success, getting organized, creating a new lifestyle, or whatever a person wants to be, do and have differently – and just can’t seem to get there from here – I’m ready to “come home with you” and help you just do it until you get where you want to go… and beyond!

Why How To Lose Your Big Buts? Well, that’s just the point, isn’t it? No more buts! Well, and yes, everything I do must have humor in it too! “Buts” are our way to procrastinate, put off, wait a little longer, justify, rationalize and stop doing the doing towards our goals, dreams, desires and completions. So, let’s Lose (Y)Our Big Buts! so that we can Love Our Big Beautiful Lives! again, or for the first time.

Thanks for your “hand-holding” throughout the last telecourse I did with you. Those emails really helped me stay focused and on-track when I was easily distracted and putting off the “doing” one more time. You’re great!  ~ Denelle, Cleveland, OH

There are no “someday when’s.” There is only NOW. And, if you can get done NOW what you want to get accomplished, guess how great your next NOWs will be!

How To Lose Your Big Buts
The Keys to Overcome Indecision, Gain Focus and Take Right Action


It’s said that it takes at least 21-days to change a habit. Well, I absolutely don’t believe that! I figure, if that were true, we’d all be thin, toned, happy, rich and successful already! How about all those people who’ve lost weight (which took more than 21-days) and gained it back and then some? No, it takes at least 21-days of disciplined focus and attention to our routines, patterns and stories to realize we have a habit . . . then comes the work! Then comes the self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the ability to work systematically and progressively toward a goal until it has been achieved. Being self-disciplined means staying focused. And, combined with the right talents and skills, self-discipline is your master key to success and happiness. Like many great writers, the late (very sadly) great super-selling sci-fi writer author Michael Crichton (best known for penning “Jurassic Park” and creating the TV hit “ER”) exemplified how self-discipline contributes to productivity and quality. Crichton’s favorite line was “butt to chair.”

The Keys to Overcome Indecision, Gain Focus and Take Right Action

That’s why I’ve developed How To Lose Your Big Buts in a 6 week to 6 month program giving you time to learn, discuss and assimilate the new information; to use it and act upon it; and to re-program your beliefs and thinking, to literally shift your brain’s neuropathways in order to naturally start doing what you want when you want to – with no buts in your way!

In these powerful 6 sessions I work with you , giving you more time to get the roots of the habit and issue out for good. Plus, life is like a mobile, when you change one thing everything else is affected, so there will be “stuff” that surfaces that will bump into you by surprise and you’ll be in the program long enough to deal with some of these too.

You’ll get practical tools, techniques and guides to stay focused and moving forward on your chosen goals and desires. I will challenge your thinking, provoke you to make new decisions and set new goals as you make you decisions and complete your projects one-by-one, and support you in your shifts and changes all along the way.

1. AUDIO LECTURES / One hour each
Filled with tips, methods, formulas and tools for the changes you seek. Plus, good humor, stories and insites.

You will also get one 1-hour session with me one-on-one within the first two weeks. This session is not recorded. (A second 1-hour private session – see BONUS)

You will receive comprehensive learning materials by email for writing exercises and assignments.

We use these mental tools everyday, and don’t know it, or remember to use them wisely. Our lives are lead, drug around by and driven by our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. I will guide you through imagery and visualization exercises to help focus your thoughts, imagination and  intentions on the outcomes you want.

You can expect me to bring almost 30 years of my experience as a therapist, counselor, coach and workshop facilitator to the table to help you all that I can. I’ll be a great teacher and guide giving you up-to-date information about the areas of discipline, goal setting, mindset control, procrastination, and other topics that we’ll cover.

You can expect direct answers and assignments that will ask you to raise the bar on your thoughts about yourself, your life, choices and lifestyle. You will have assignments to complete each week to help get your mind and thoughts aligned with your best choices and goals for the best outcome and results you really want.

I’m trained as a therapist and have worked with people for almost 30 years as a therapist, counselor or coach, and what I do is what I call “Hereapy.” I work with you here and now on how to get from “here” to there. If we don’t work on the HERE, there won’t be any THERE!

As I’ve worked with people around the world in person and by phone, this work is like hiring a physical trainer, but instead of the body-focus, it’s to strengthen our mental and emotional “muscles”. Like working out physically, it’s sometimes hard and frustrating, but “you can do it!” You can do another (mental or emotional) push-up or crunch!” I know you can! I’ll be right here with you.

You can expect me to be fun and funny while being compassionate and supportive. We’d better laugh at this serious stuff to keep from hardening of the attitudes!

. . . a life that flows with self-accountability, self-love and freedom, and feels great to be experiencing as your own.

The transformational power of self-discipline – achieving the goals, desires, results and completions you want – will create a life renewed with more fun, more satisfaction, stronger self-confidence, self-esteem, love for self and life, and new opportunities, what I like to call “surprises!”

In regard to the program itself – I want you to
• show up, be present
• want to learn and reclaim your best life
• to complete your projects, big and small
• be honest when you get stuck and share it anyway
• bust, climb, walk or crawl through the fears
• begin and punch through projects that keep being waylaid
• find the joy in getting things accomplished
• understand why you get stuck and how to free yourself from this place more easily and quickly
• to find the love for your own life at a new level when you’re not angry, critical and frustrated with yourself any longer
• to share your experiences as we go so that we all can learn from you too and get good out of it.

The payoff for all these things will be like pushing a reset or refresh button! One big butless  “Yea!”

Here is the overview of what you’ll be learning in:

How To Lose Your Big Buts
The Keys to Overcome Indecision, Gain Focus and Take Right Action


WEEK ONE: How Did My Buts Get So Big?
1. The 8 Reasons for Stuckness: Why we can’t seem to move past stuck places, even though we know what to do 
2. Belief and Mind Management: How we stop ourselves from being happy and successful
3. The 1% Method of Change, or Habit Breaking 101:How to Set Your Intention and Do it
4. What do you want?

WEEK TWO: I’ll Never Get Rid of This Big But
1. The 7 Most Common Lies We Tell Ourselves
2. Letting Go With All Your Might: How to de-program your mind of negative and destructive thinking
3. The 8 Stages of Effective Decision-Making
4. What do you want?

WEEK THREE: How to Get Your Big But on the Road to Your “Wants”
1. How to change your mental “filter” for clarity and clear intentions – and a smooth ride!
2. Find Your “No”: The 5 Step Model for Self-Directed Change
3. Time Management: The Myth and the Makeover
4. What do you want?

WEEK FOUR: Big Buts Live In Your Head – Rent Free!
1. How to use Afformations (with an “o”) to change you mindset and life experience
2. The Brain’s Neuronet System Will Help You Fly . . . if you will put your but in the pilot seat
3. The Power of Your Story. What’s your story?
4. What do you want?

WEEK FIVE: Saddle Up Your Buts for the Ride of Their Lives
1. Harness the Transformational Power of Self-Discipline
2. But to Chair: The 8 Stage Self-Discipline Model
3. Stress Management and But-loss
4. What do you want?

WEEK SIX: Buts of Steel
1. Truth or Dare: The Role of Counterproductive Habits
2. Beyond Your Limits Take Down the Dam Wall
3. The Secret Life of a But
4. What do you want?

You will be able to email me during the 6 sessions* to ask questions as they come up as well so that I’m there for you ongoing when “stuff hits the emotional fan!” and when you just need to vent or kick cans or need permission to “choose again.” *See package for details.

You will also receive emails from me during the program with inspirational information and ideas to help you keep going.

You will receive audio clips and podcasts from me weekly answering your questions and others in the group as all benefit from similar needs and issues. These audio messages will also have more tips and inspirational reminders of how it feels when you’re back to balance and peace of mind.

Plus, within every program I offer I create new products and materials during the event and you get to enjoy them too!

8. *BONUS! When you sign up for One Payment and complete the class, you’ll also receive the following three BONUSES:
1. Ebook: Simplify Your Holidays and Everyday
2. Ebook: The Worry Control Handbook.
Both ebooks are packed with lists, questions, exercises and solutions to all things needing order, re-decisions and peace!
3. A second private coaching session with me at the end of the 6 weeks.

I so look forward to meeting you and working with you soon to help you move past your past and into your wonderful renewed present and glorious future!



Kim Wolinski, MSW
Dr. DeClutter

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    The question is not, "What if I die tomorrow?" It is, "What if I live another 20 or 30 years the way I am?"

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    "The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew." ~ Abraham Lincoln