First, thank you SO much for hiring me, and even more, for inviting me into your home in the past to help you shovel, pitch, purge, sort, file and re-organize your lovely home or office.


I am offering you this special organizing gift for clients only!

Save 100’s of $$ using these specials NOW! Jump in though, as my schedule is filling up for the holidays!

As always, purchase now, and schedule when you’re ready! Get really ready for the holidays, or save it until the New Year and get reorganized “after” the holidays! Either way, I’ll be so happy to come help you again . . . and spend great time with you too!

To pay by Credit or Debit Card:  Click BUY NOW button below
To pay by Check: Send check payable to Dr. DeClutter, PO Box 6149, Longmont, CO  80501 – make sure contact information is included.

HOW TO get your Organizing Special and Appointment.
The following specials are listed with one Buy Now button.
1) Choose your special
2) Click on the button (see BUY NOW button below)
3) Type the number of hours in the “Quantity” (##) that corresponds to the Special in the QUANTITY box on the PayPal screen.
4) Click on UPDATE TOTALS on the PayPal screen to see your total before completing the transaction.
5) You will hear from me by email that I have received your payment and will send you my handy-dandy PREP TOOLS list again, but only if you want it – you’re a pro at prepping now, right?! If we haven’t already schedule the appointment, we will by phone or email. Feel free to contact me as well. Can’t wait!

Special #1 – SAVE $100.00 – $200.00

4 hours for price of 2. $100.00 Save $100.00. (Quantity “2” in PayPal window)
(Limited to two sessions of 4 hours per household (Max. 8 hours) = $200.00. Save $200.00(Quantity “4”)

Special #2 – SAVE : $250.00 – $500.00

16 hours (2 full days) for price of 11 = $550.00  Save 250.00
or . . . 32 hours (4 full days) for the price of 22!  = $1,100.00  SAVE BIG! Save $500.00
— These are huge bargains! Get your whole house or office (and life) back!
$550.00 (2 days) or $1,100.00 (4 days)*

*TRAVEL: These offers are good within 35 miles of Longmont. We will have already discussed any added fee of $50 or more Travel Fee for overnight or distance (which are not lost! They are added hours of decluttering!) If so, just add 1 or 2 or whatever in the Quantity box. I.e., 

ADD ON HOURS: Add on hours at $50/each by adding the number of extra hours you’d like in the Quantity box.

GIFT CERTIFICATE: You can have someone else buy this for you, that’s okay too! Just give them this link. But . . . it has to be for you, my client.

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