What Happy Clients Are Saying About Hands-On Organizing Services from Dr. DeClutter


Helping people get organized and their lives back in balance is such a joy. Here are just a few testimonials from my happy and decluttered clients – plus a few BEFORE and AFTER photos!


Go from this "before"...

BEFORE: Life happens while things collect, pile and heap. That's the case in this family's play room.

“It would have taken me months to do what we did in 3 hours! You’re magic!” ~ Cathleen, Ft. Collins, CO  Hairdresser

“So many thanks for the many times I’ve had you over to find the basement floor one-more-time! My husband thanks you… and, I thank you for your easy going personality, humor and compassion you always bring in your bag of tricks to get us decluttered, sorted and re-organized in a blink! You are so clear about how it should all flow and where things should go. Thank you so much. We LOVE our “functional-way” space! We tell everyone about you!” ~ Susan and David, Boulder, CO Teachers

“Thank you for helping me get my office back in working order. Working from home is great, but with several home-owned and run businesses, and as you pointed out, not enough systems and bookshelves, etc. in place, I was feeling totally frustrated and out of control. In three short hours we had it all sorted out and looking so nice. I’m shopping for the extra systems and furniture pieces to finish the job we started. Thank you so much.” ~ Erin, Lafayette, CO Small Business Owner


To this, "after!" in no time at all. We can do the same for your house in any room!

AFTER: Toy room - in no time at all! Decluttered and reorganized for fun and family joy - the way it's supposed to be! We can do the same for your house in any room!


“You helped me re-organize my office after our big office move, that was great. Thanks. Plus, hearing you speak at our Girl Scout Awards Banquet on Organizing left me feeling touched, humored and inspired. I’m looking forward to your presentation at our annual Team Training and Back To School Event as well… we all need motivation to get and stay organized on every level. Thank you, Kim.” ~ Teedee Keister, Exec. Director, The Tiny Tim Center, Longmont, CO

“My daughter said she loves her bedroom again, and wants to stay in it more now that it’s all organized. Wow. That really means a lot. Thank you, Kim.” ~ Lana, Estes Park, CO

BEFORE: Gift wrapping room - tissue paper and supplies in lumps and piles all around.

BEFORE: Gift wrapping room - tissue paper and supplies in lumps and piles all around.

“Having you over to help me make sense of my “stuff and things” is just such a gift, Kim! I almost hyperventilate every time you’re here, but I get through it and you patiently keep me moving and “staying in the room!” Boy, that’s tough sometimes! Thank you for re-organizing me and my space so that I can relax and enjoy it again.” ~ Sherry, Ft. Collins, CO Bank Employee


Everything needs a "home". AFTER: Tissue paper in a container ready to use!

AFTER: Everything needs a "home". Tissue paper in a container; clean, easy to find and see and ready to use!

“Too much grief and pain is laced into my belongings to move it or deal with … and has been for too long. Thank you Kim for your compassion and unique gifts of caring for others to help me through my boxes and drawers and past. I’m really ready to move on now and enjoy my life again.” ~ Emma, Estes Park, CO Retired

    “At the Red Hat Society Convention in Longmont last month, I attended a session presented by Dr. DeClutter.  Well…. I am pleased to say, that Monday, Dr. DeClutter “Kim” came to my home for 5 hours and we worked on the upstairs rooms. My body is still recuperating, (even though I just sat and sorted ) but I am so happy that I said “yes”, please come help me….
    Both rooms were overflowing into the hallway with stuff. I have been to embarrassed to let anyone else help me and to overwhelmed to know where to begin. Just as Kim promised, she is not in the business of judging, her occupation is to help you get organized, so you can live and enjoy your things. It was amazing to me, how quickly she observed the problem, and immediately started the organization process.

 Kim, is not like a chiropractor! I expected to schedule another appointment for next week. She did not say, I need to come twice a week for six weeks, and spend all of your money!!!! She said, “Now, you can see the carpet, and the window, and begin, “chipping away” little-by-little on the paperwork that you have saved for 18 YEARS!!!!” I will do that until I get stuck again, and then schedule time with her when I need motivation or knowledge from a professional on organization tips.
    If any of you have projects or rooms, (the shed, garage or basement), that you just don’t know what to do with, I highly recommend Dr. Kim DeClutter. You can hire her for a few hours or a weekend. Her rates are competitive and she offers monthly specials. You can look her up on her web page www.drdeclutter.com

CRAFT ROOM: After - everything has its place. Label boxes and containers in categories of items. Clean and ready to use in a jiff!

AFTER: Craft room - everything has its place. Label boxes and containers in categories of items. They'll be clean and ready to use in a jiff!

    Please pass this on to all of the Red Hat Ladies that were unable to attend the Christmas in July events. I still have lots of work to do, but at least I now know, what a difference even a few hours can make. Kim teaches you skills so you can continue to use on your own. Her goal is to help you change your life, not become dependent on her.”

Addendum…! “Hello Ladies, I know I just told you yesterday, how wonderful it was to have Dr. DeClutter come to my house and help me with my over-stuffed rooms. Well, today, the joy continued. I learned that plastic storage boxes are better for me, than cardboard, so that I can see inside, and they can also be stored in the shed, so…
    I took 27 boxes back to U-Haul today and received a $72 dollar refund. The $72, plus the $50 in
AFTER: Garage storage is a must for sports, camping, yard and season equipment. Make it easy to get to, ready to use and out of the way when not in use.

AFTER: Garage storage is a must for sports, camping, yard and season equipment. Make it easy to get to, ready to use and out of the way when not in use.

hair care products that had been missing (found upstairs ) along with the $35 Borchese facial mask, all totaling $152, brings the price I paid down from $200, to only $48.00!!!!! That doesn’t include the photo’s and other wonderful things I located. I promise not to write you a daily update, but this was too exciting not to share. It confirms the value I place on Dr. DeClutter’s service.Blessings.” ~ Carrie, RN, Denver, CO Red Hatter

“In just a few hours the work you did for me changed the energy in my home from depressed and stressful to ease and happiness. I should have called you years ago!”
~ Carrie, Loveland, CO

TIP: 80% of what you have
you will never use.

– Move it out.
– Move it on.
– Let it go.
– Donate it.
– Release it.
– Sell it.
– Simplify…
it’s keeping you from a better life.

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