Dr. DeClutter Organizing Fees & Schedule


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If you know how it works (if not, scroll down to HOW IT WORKS) and are ready to purchase organizing hours, skip the reading and BUY NOW!

3 hour minimum, unless otherwise discussed.

3 hours=$150.00

Distance: $150.00/3 hour minimum  fee is for jobs within 35 miles of Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs, CO.
Call to discuss fee adjustment for over 35 miles. 


Add on additional hours at $50/hour per click.



To PAY BY CHECK: Send a check payable to
Dr. DeClutter / 115 S. 26th St. / Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Include: Name, address, email address, phone number, purpose of check.

All clutter and no organization makes Jane a depressed girl!

See Gift Certificates #6 below!


It’s time, isn’t it!

Clutter and disorganization steal your time, energy and joy.

Clutter and disorganization steal your time, energy, productivity, efficiency and joy.

Don’t waste one more minute getting ready to get ready to start your organizing tasks.

I’ll be there in person or by telephone and we’ll “get it done already!” – and you can have your life, mind and JOY back!

BONUS! Yes, you’ll actually will get MORE than a couple square feet of indoor real estate back… you will reclaim an amazing amount of “inner” real estate too! You will reclaim and renew your thoughts, ideas, joy, energy and relationships – you’ll WANT people to come to your house and visit again without once having to say, “Don’t open that door!”

Life’s so short to be stressed over “stuff and things.” Why not make it a happy one?

Commit to your sanity, peace and joy.
Call Dr. DeClutter today! (It’s way cheaper than therapy, medication and more guilt trips!)



There are 5 great ways to get and stay organized with Dr. DeClutter!  You can schedule our “I’m there with my shovel and a smile!” time easily.


1) Call or email first and discuss your needs. 303.485.5280 or kim@drdeclutter.com

Or  if you know you’re ready, scroll up to the BUY NOW Button and pre-pay for your upcoming organizing session. You will then receive and email from my office to discuss your needs and we’ll schedule a time!

2) Fee: $50/hour Residential. $100/hour Corporate.*

3) Fee/Time: Appointments are 3 hour minimum.
$50/hour = $150.00 for 3 hour appointment*
(*Under 35 mile/minute drive from DDC Office/Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs, CO. Call to discuss adjustments to the local job fee/time.)

4) Credit Card Payment: After clicking the BUY NOW button, type in the # of hours in the Quantity box on the PayPal window to calculate the amount for the appointment @ $50/hour/click.

5) Or, pay by Check, see bottom of page.

Let’s do it!!

#1 Colorado Springs, CO, Surrounding Area and Long Distance Jobs

a) If you are local — within 35 mile/minute drive from Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs, CO
I offer 3 hour minimum organizing appointments. We get a lot done in that amount of time.

b) If you are within several hours from Colorado Springs, CO
We can discuss the job, sometimes we just add another hour of organizing time and do 4 or more. Call: 303.485.5280 or email: kim@drdeclutter.com

c) Long distance from Colorado Springs, CO?
Or, consider this Travel Package: Get a ton done with this On-Site Organizing Anywhere in USA or Overseas Travel Package. Click here to see Travel Packages.

#2 Multiple Homes, Offices and Speaking Event too! Oh, My!

When you’re a bit of a distance from my Longmont office — Declutter your town, up and down!
Talk to your neighbors and make it a day, weekend or longer experience helping more than one person back to peace! Join forces! Why not make it a village experience?!

Plus, this can also be a dual event: I can speak to your group, club or company, and organize too. Contact me, let’s discuss a package deal! Call or email me and let’s make this work for you and all your friends and/or family!

#3 Let’s Coordinate When I’m In Your Area During My Travels

Make sure you’re on my Free Newsletter and blog mailing list so that you’ll know when I’m in your area.

Save your budget dollars too! Feel free to email me at kim@drdeclutter.com to find out if and when I’m in your area next and can plan multiple organizing jobs and/or multiple speaking programs to save you in fees or travels expences.

#4 Organizing Consultation by Telephone

I can’t be everywhere at once, but I can help you gain back your sanity over the telephone at anytime from anywhere!
1) Call or email to discuss your organizing needs – you can even email me photos so that I can see what you’re up against.
2) If you call, we may complete our session at that time, or schedule a time in the near future for our telephone session.
3) Appointments are one full 60-minute hour, $50/hour
Pay by credit card for 1 hour Telephone Consult


TO PAY BY CHECK: See bottom of page.

#5 Travel Packages

Click here for more info.

#6 Gift Certificate

Purchase a Gift Certificate for someone you care about, love or even as a great moving (out or in) gift… ask for one, or give one to yourself! Same fee structure as above. $50/hour, minimum 3 hours ($150.00) unless otherwise discussed.

GIFT CERTIFICATE: You will be sent an email with a Gift Certificate to download. It can be sent directly from my office to the recipient with a different eddress as well.



Or, PAY BY CHECK, see below.

PAY BY CHECK: Send a check payable to
Dr. DeClutter / 115 S 26th St / Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Include: Name, address, email address, phone number, purpose of check.

Call 303.485.5280 if you have questions.

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