Travel Packages – I’ll be at your door soon!

Yes, I make “Doctor Calls!” to your house — anywhere! I’ve helped people across the country get their lovely homes back in order. I can’t wait to walk in your front door and help bring order to your world, and peace to your mind. Let’s do it!

I’ve been asked many times if I could jump on a plane, “move in” with people for a couple days to a week or more and help get their organizing done so that they could get on with their lives! They laughed while asking, but the serious undertone (or “undertow!”) was very apparent through their tired eyes and stressed voices pleading seriously that they needed help — for themselves or their parents, or others they cared about deeply. Well, I can be there for you, for days or decluttering and organizing!

The following are my “Dr. DeClutter” US and Overseas Organizing Services Travel Packages
1) Review them, and then
2) Fill out the questionnaire at the bottom and return it by email for my review.
I will get back to you as soon as I check my schedule for the dates you request.

Questions: Email or call 303.485.5280

I’m so looking forward to helping you bring order and peace to your mind and space. You deserve it.


Travel Packages: Click on drop down box below or arrow on right for options

“Dr. DeClutter” Organizing Services Travel Package
(Hawaii/Alaska see Overseas Information below)

Notice: If you live between 1 and 3 hours driving time from Longmont, Colorado, fill out and submit the Request Form below. I will contact you to give you options as to how we can create an affordable in-state package for you.

Project Details: A retainer fee is secured upon contract for minimum scheduled appointment to guarantee date and begin project management. The following 5 items are contained in the Retainer Retainer Fee Inclusions

PACKAGE TOTAL:$2,000.00* US Monies, Check or Credit Card
1) 2 Day Organizing Job (Minimum) 8 Hours/Day -16/Hrs   $50/Hr = $400.00/Day included in Retainer Fee
2) Per Diem Travel Rate   $100.00 plus above item = $500.00 daily fee included in Retainer Fee
3) Coach Round Trip Airfare and Airport Transport   See #5 “Car Rental” if not flying. Included in Retainer Fee
4) Hotel Lodging   Included in Retainer Fee
5) Car Rental throughout job schedule if necessary. Or, will drive personal vehicle and charge current mileage/business travel fees (53.5 cents per mile 2017 IRS rates). Necessity of car rental discussed with client during contract phase. Included in Retainer Fee.

Retainer Fee upon Contracting organizing appointment. NOTE: Requested dates will not be held without Retainer. Can you add days? If we leave room for more days of organizing, daily fees will be taken from any overpayment of fee and added fees will be billed and paid Per Diem unless otherwise discussed and re-contracted. What happens if excess payment in Retainer Fee? If the job is complete in the 2-day minimum time, you will receive immediate reimbursement by check upon final billing and completion of any excess monies. What if plane ticket and lodging are more than is covered in retainer? Client will be billed at the end of the job, payment upon receipt.

“Dr. DeClutter” Organizing Services Travel Package
(Includes Hawaii and Alaska)

PACKAGE TOTAL (6 day retainer) $6,000.00 US MoniesCheck or Credit Card

Same as above Package except 6 Day Minimum: 6 Days, 8 Hours/Day x $50/HourPlus $100/Day Per Diem Rate Plus Airfare/Lodging/Possible Rent-A-Car = $6,000.00

Additional 2 Days Fee Included Due to Extended Air Travel Time Outside the US/Office. See US Package above for further details. Note: If the plane does not leave until late in the day of the 7th day, I am available to do any last minute or extra organizing for no extra fee.  See US Package above for details.  PACKAGE TOTAL: $6,000.00 US Monies. Check or Credit Card – Use pay button above.


Q: What if I don’t need 2 to 6 days of organizing, but I really want you to do this job with me?

A: My clients have found plenty of neighbors, friends and family close by who needed my help too. So, we just plan ahead and schedule my going to their home or homes and helping them out too. You get to split the fee and everyone wins!

Q: What if, after you’re already here, we find that we need more than 2 or 6 days? Can you stay?

A: I normally plan at least one “flex-day” just for this reason. After really getting into sorting stacks and boxes and piles, clients tend to realize that they want to get it all done and be finished before I leave so as not to have areas still out-of-balance distracting and distressing them — and not get back to it again.

Q: Could you plan a seminar or booksigning while you’re here too?

A: Absolutely! That has worked out great many times. I can offer a seminar in your home for friends, a booksigning there too or at your local bookstore. I just need ample advance notice if I need to ship or bring books and product with me.

Q: Do you only work the 8 hours from say, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm? Can I flex those hours if I’m a late night person?

A: Yes. I am flexible about when the 8 hours are worked. We can do them straight through at whatever hour you choose to start, or we can split them up in two or three sections if you feel you might get overwhelmed (which happens often when going through sometimes years of grief, frustration, memories, etc.)

Q: Will you teach me and my family how to keep our organized and tidy home that way after you’ve gone?

A: Yes. All the while we are working together we will be talking about why your stuff and things have gotten disorganized and the best ways to keep them the way you want them. We will set up systems while I’m there that work the best for you.

If you have other questions, please add them to the REQUEST FORM below in the QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS section before emailing it to me.


Fill COPY AND PASTE the following questionnaire into your email text, complete and send to I will get back to you quickly to let you know my schedule.

Country and State:

First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip code:
Phone: Please note if cell/home or office
If you would like me to contact you by phone (US only first contact), what is the best time for you?

1. What kind of “space” do you have that needs organizing? Example: #? sq ft house; apartment; condo; barn; office, etc.

2. What is your organizing need(s)?

3. How does your clutter affect you?

4. Do you live alone or with others. Organizing is a “life-skill” and if you share your home with others, they all need to learn how this works! Are there any specific issues with other’s clutter habits?

5. When do you want my help? What month/dates? Feel free to give several options if you can.


6. Is there anything else you’d like me to know now before I contact you?

7. Where did you hear about me/my services?

8. Do you have neighbors, friends, or family that need my help too? It’s something to think about while I’m in your area. Let’s organize everyone! Plus, you’ll get a BONUS MONEY BACK for referring me.

9. Would you like me to offer a “Declutter Clinic” education seminar while I’m there? You can invite neighbors and friends in to learn more about organizing too. If so, I will give you more information on how this works.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Which method will you be using for your Retainer Fee? Credit Card (online); Online Direct Funds Transfer; Check; Money Order; Travelers Checks; Other, please name. (US Funds Only)  USE PAY BUTTON ABOVE IF PAYING NOW.

US FUNDS ONLY     By check: Send payable to Dr. DeClutter, 115 S. 26th St., Colorado Springs, CO  80904 USA

Thank you again. I look forward to helping you bring order from chaos in any city in the world, but most importantly, in your world.

*A separate Contract & Fee will be retained when other client jobs are contracted at the same time and worked back-to-back with original job. Expense sharing is coordinated by Dr. DeClutter or clients per pre-contract discussion.

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