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Stress, Overload and the Road Back to Balance

10 Ways to Stop, Reset and Reclaim Your Life

The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2020, psychological and stress-related disorders, including depression, will be the second leading cause of disabilities in the world.

With over 97% of doctor’s office visits related to stress, and literally billions spent on employee health care benefits each year, it’s imperative to Get Back on the Road to Balance now. Kim helps managers and employees identify “Ah Ha”, “Oh, shift!” real solutions to their life/work stress, how to change it, and make the necessary shifts in mindsets about how to live life with more ease, balance and joy. Benefits create a more productive and efficient individual for themselves and for their company.

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Burn Your House Down!

And other tips and tools for organizing

Disorganization creates stress, indecision, inaction, depression, lost time, lost productivity, lost self-worth and lost opportunities. You can’t make room for what really matters, when a) you don’t know what that is and b) you don’t have room for it anyway! Mayo Clinic research says that out of the top 3 things we can do to get and stay well, “being organized” is #2.

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No Pile Left Behind

Getting Your Home and Office Paper Under Control!

It has been estimated that the average American will spend one year searching through desk and office clutter looking for misplaced objects.

Can you afford that? Can your company, group or club?  Whether “afford” means time, money, energy or peace of mind, the answer is NO!

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When Life Gives You Lemons,

Put ’em In Your Bra!

How to Lift and Separate the Challenges of Change

[Keynote presentation only. Women’s program. Large group with microphone]

In these challenging times, change is all around in ways never before imaginable in history. Helping you understand change anew, how it is a) normal and natural, b) how resistance and struggle against it only makes it worse, and c) what you can do to release the struggle and work with change instead of against it will make huge positive differences in your life.

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Letting Go With All Your Might

The guide to life transitions, change, choices and effective redecisions

Holding on to what is past, gone, over or can’t be changed steals a persons joy, and ruins lives. Kim teaches her dynamic 11-Stage ReDecisions Model for Change from her book, Letting Go With All Your Might, an invaluable tool for personal redecisions, to company or group dynamics for pro-active change.

Learn the natural cycles of change and how we to can move through our fears and frustrations with more focus and ease. Learn the skills of risk-taking and courageous new thinking to shift out of old patterns and into new behaviors to deal more effectively with whatever is happening.

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The 10 Keys to Stop Procrastinating:

If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done

Kim shows that how “putting off”, “waiting until later”, “not deciding”, “worrying” and just simply procrastinating affects our peace of mind, limits our choices and stops positive growth and change – setting up struggle and chaos where it is unnecessary and futile.

Do you have a To Do List that just never gets To Done? Does procrastination affect your peace of mind and limit your choices? Learn the 10 Keys and the focused techniques to get past procrastinating in all 3 areas of life distractions. If this is your first program on procrastinating, or if it’s time to revisit the keys to get back into your life, it’s always a good time to stop putting your life and joy on hold! Bring your questions about incomplete tasks and projects, decisions and choices waylaid, organizing and decluttering frustrations on hold, and get answers that will help you feel refreshed and happier.

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Assertiveness Skills for Women

How to get to NO by going through YES

If assertiveness skills are not learned, one can live a long and unsatisfying life not being heard, not taken seriously, and not moving ahead in any and all areas of life desired.  Assertiveness is not just about speaking our mind and sharing our beliefs and ideas, it is a way of being, acting and seeing life.

The benefits in business and in ones personal life are outstanding, as people who master the skill of assertiveness are great and can be learned by anyone. Kim teaches Assertiveness Skills for work and everyday life with her usual humor, story telling, practical examples and exercises.

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Life is Bigger Than a Bus

Create the life your really want

Life is infinitely more than most people will ever know or live. But, with the right focus, step-by-step keys to reclaim ones dreams and visions and daily plans for completions, risk-taking and new-found-life/work-fun, life, work and play can all certainly be deeper, wider and more fulfilling than it is for most. Learning to focus through all of the distractions, advertising and detours of daily life is key; telling yourself the truth about what you really want is another.

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From Chaos to Calm

10 Steps Back to Center in These Changing Times

The 21st Century is cascading down around us with changes unbelievable and seemingly unstoppable. The stresses associated with our lives today seriously undermine our focus, productivity, balance and joy. Our efforts to master this rapid-fire change is leaving us overwhelmed, confused, angry and afraid for our futures, families and freedoms. This practical and inspiring program gives you a set of powerful tools for returning to calm and centeredness in the midst the cascades of unthinkable chaos. You’ll learn the trick to stop trying to control what is not in your power, to go beyond the irrational of the world and to trust your intuition — back to your center and to peace that can only come from the inside-out.

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End of Life Starts Now!

Compile your necessary “End of Life” information easily

Most people don’t have their Living Will and other important documents finished and ready for “when it happens.” Americans especially are terrible at dealing with end of life issues. Learn what you need, how to get it all together — and actually enjoy the process!

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7 Priorities That Will Positively Change Your Life

Dreams don’t come true—Plans come true

Lack of priorities is the #1 killer of achievement, accomplishment, happiness and success. It’s said that “we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.” The 21st Century is a cascade of change, distractions, stressors and events that can make us lose our focus and priorities very easily. To live the life you truly want, you must take charge of your goals and dreams and take action on your priorities. But which priorities? You’ll identify your priorities and create personal action plans for each. Don’t let the chaos of today’s many constant distractions keep you from what’s truly important.

Priority Coach: Kim Wolinski, MSW has been working individually, in groups and trainings  for over 35 years helping to identify the priorities, steps and plan necessary to achieve the outcomes and results being sought after.  She offers simple yet powerful ways to make immediate and lifelong changes to take your life back.

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    ....GO FROM CONFUSION TO SOLUTIONS... In these increasingly challenging times, I am dedicated to guiding people through life transitions, change, choices and effective re-decisions — to let go of clutter, distractions, stress, confusion, despair and fear — in every area. Reclaim your balance, peace and joy now.

    "The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew." ~ Abraham Lincoln