Burn Your House Down!


 “You helped me re-organize my office after our big office move, that was great. Thanks. Plus, hearing you speak at our Girl Scout Awards Banquet on “Organizing” left me feeling touched, humored and inspired. I’m looking forward to your presentation at our annual Team Training and Back To School Event as well… we all need motivation to get and stay organized on every level.”
~ Teedee Keister, Exec. Director
The Tiny Tim Center
Longmont, CO

Burn Your House Down!

And other organizing tips and tools from Dr. DeClutter!

If clutter and disorganization “trance” you out, you’re not alone. The Mayo Clinic puts the “lack of being organized” in the top three things we need to do to get and stay well. Kim, “Dr. DeClutter” will help you help your group, members or employees do just that… laughing all the way!

Laced with humor, packed with practical information and overflowing with first-hand stories and real experiences, Kim Wolinski, Professional Organizer brings to you a program that your audience will never forget, and will be able to use immediately.

Life’s too short to keep dealing with the same old “stuff” over and and over again!

Kim says, “There are 3 Kinds of Clutter – manage them, or they’ll manage you!”
     Inner Clutter: Thoughts, beliefs, memories and emotions
     Outer Clutter: Material stuff and things
     Other Clutter: People, relationships, family

Clutter effects your energy, decision making, earning power, others perception of you, your perception of yourself, plans and choices. Don’t let clutter and disorganization steal one more moment of your life!

· With a Master’s degree in Social Work, Kim has been “organizing” inside-out for over 30 years. 
· As a Professional Organizer for over 9 years, and having spent a year as an Assistant Manager for a B&B, Kim knows organizing!
· She brings you a unique insight into why we have clutter, why we hold on, collect, hoard and save. 

Programs customized to your audience/event.

What Audiences Learn/Program Objectives
· The personal and professional affects of clutter
· The key to productivity
· Why we have clutter and how to change it
· The one reason for all clutter and what you can do about it
· How to get started
· The 10 Keys to Organize Anything
· The 5 things every item in your life needs to get and stay organized
· What you need to do before you touch a thing!
· The Prep Tools necessary for every declutter session
· The One Learning Personality that is the Hardest to Organize, and How to Manage It
· The 10 Sorting Tools necessary for easy organizing
· The 4 Types of Storage Systems, and the Importance of Systems
· The One Daily Action that will change every tomorrow to order
· The 80/20 Rule and how to use it to your advantage
· How to Override Old Clutter Habits
· How to simplify while enjoying life fully
· How to organize faster and with more fun!

Your audience will have great fun while learning imperative life skills and tools that will serve them and their families for a life time.

“Too much of anything is great!…
…unless you have to pay storage fees to keep it!”

Audiences are encouraged to participate, sharing personal stories and asking about their personal clutter issues.

Time Frames
· Keynote Speech: 45-60 minutes
· Seminar: up to 2 hours
· Workshop: up to 3.5 hours

The larger the group, the longer the program if you want everyone to have the opportunity for Q&A.

Presentation Style
Learning materials, research results, entertaining stories, quotes and analogies are mixed with audience interaction and humor.

Supplementary Materials Available
· Summary Articles
· Books (Burn Your House Down book release: Fall 2009)

CEU Programs
Kim develops CEU programs for Nurses, Teachers, Counselors and others. Contact to discuss.

  • You’re not here for a long time;

  • You’re here for a GOOD time.

  • Are you having one?

    Kim brings you content-rich presentations, inspiration with immediate application and lots of humor for the best of all education and training.
  • Be a Change Agent

    The question is not, "What if I die tomorrow?" It is, "What if I live another 20 or 30 years the way I am?"

    ....GO FROM CONFUSION TO SOLUTIONS... In these increasingly challenging times, I am dedicated to guiding people through life transitions, change, choices and effective re-decisions — to let go of clutter, distractions, stress, confusion, despair and fear — in every area. Reclaim your balance, peace and joy now.

    "The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew." ~ Abraham Lincoln