How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday Season This Year (Even with All the Shopping, Cooking, Baking, Decorating, Cards, Parties, Travel, Shopping and while Dealing with Your Relatives)

Yes, Really!

Wouldn't it be Nice to Relax, Enjoy More, Stress Less and Tell Great Stories about it for Years to Come?

  • Are you ready for the holidays?
  • Are you ready to experience a better holiday this year?
  • Would you like to have some helpful ideas when making decisions and plans for your holidays?
  • Would having a stress and solutions expert to talk to and get ideas from be helpful?

With the crazy world events, local catastrophes, consumer confidence sketchy, wars and jobless friends and neighbors, this Holiday Season has its share of stressors. Stress, as we all know, can come from a variety of sources affecting us in a variety of ways. And at this time of year, left-over turkey, hanging Christmas lights, and opening your post-holiday Visa bill are just some of the many sources of our escalating stress levels.


Added Holiday Stress Affects us on All Levels

tc - woman in santa hat and papers


There's Science That Backs This Up!

Survey findings show that added holiday stress, on top of already high stress levels associated with work and the economy, makes it hard to relax. Cited as “multiple stressors” are lack of time (up to 69%), lack of money (up to 69%), and pressure to give or get gifts (up to 51%).

In addition, men and women who experience elevated levels of stress, rate their psychological and physical health lower than those who are not experiencing stress – and are more likely to experience a range of health ailments and symptoms such as sadness (59%), sleep problems (56%), and lack of energy (55%).


As many people drag through the holidays, feeling sad, left out, alone, dealing with financial and/or health issues, disappointed with their families, grieving losses of friends and family, pets and partners, they become part of the January through February statistic of 25-35% of people who get very depressed.

The World Health Organization estimates that by the year 2020, psychological and stress-related disorders, including depression, will be the second leading cause of disabilities in the world.

“Depression is the leading cause of disability, and was the 4th leading contributor to the global burden of disease in 2000. By the year 2020, depression is projected to reach 2nd place for all ages, both sexes. Today, depression is already 2nd in the age category 15-44 years for both sexes combined.”

Helping You to Relieve Your Stress is My Passion

If these next few weeks of the year are making you anxious and bringing up frustrations and stress already, I want to help you decide (and re-decide) how to make it all flow so that you can really enjoy yourself and the holidays! You deserve it!

With a background in therapy and counseling, and now as an educator and lifestyle coach, I’ve been helping people de-stress and rethink their plans and goals for over 35 years. No matter where I’ve traveled around the world the core human wants and needs are the same – we want to be heard, we want to be appreciated, loved and cared about and we want to be happy. And for women, there’s even a bigger additional want – we want to help make others happy too!


"What My Participants Say"

“WOW! My friends told me about how much they have learned from you, I’m so glad I can take your classes too. All my friends say I’m just too stressed out all the time. Using your simple, practical and common sense reminders and guides has changed my life in so many ways. My holidays have been amazingly better since I took your workshop. I’m spreading the word and telling others to sign up for your programs too!”

~ Barbara, Bank Employee Dallas, TX


Women Don’t Always Know When Enough is Enough Before They are Overwhelmed

tc - cmas woman stressedHowever, the paradox of the holidays is that they become especially stressful for women as we want to make everyone happy AND everything perfect– buying the right gifts, planning the right meals, cooking, cleaning, decorating and, and, and . . . – while trying to take care of ourselves, our families, working and taking care of daily chores and activities too. And, this doesn’t even allow for the occasional emergency or “out of the blue” crisis!

Is there enough time for it all?

Is there enough you  for all that?

Something’s gotta give!


"Thank You for Permission!"

“Thank you for the permission you give that takes away the weight of confusion and indecision n an instant. I keep needing to hear from you that “the way it’s always been” can change.”

~ Pam, Teacher Kansas City, KS


I have been helping women keep their balance in life—no matter what’s happening—for a long time. The holidays are a few ramped up weeks out of the year where if we follow a few set, proven and practical guidelines on a daily basis, this holiday season can be much better than the past.

That’s Why I’ve Created This Virtual Workshop

tc - calendar flippingKim has been working with thousands of people over the years just like you, people, mostly women, who are tired and want to a change. You get to learn from Kim's wide array of experience and in depth research of stress, time and organizational management, refining priorities and reclaiming peace, calm and joy.

Meet with Kim by telephone in this powerful program of small changes… Holiday Stress Be Gone! – EBook and Workshop Series.  This course will carry you through this holiday month:

  • to help you stay grounded,
  • stick to your intentions for what you want and what is really possible this year,
  • and to give you that safe, touchstone place where you know you can ask questions and get the answers you need to de-stress and move forward with calm assurance that “all is well” this Holiday Season.


Holiday Stress Be Gone! EBook and Teleclass


telephonesThis is a teleclass. You can attend from anywhere in the world by telephone.

This 2 Part Program Includes:

  • Two (2) 90 Minute Tele-Classes: Kim will discuss the top issues and solutions to holiday stress management. All you need to participate is a phone.
  • Handouts:  You will receive comprehensive handouts (PDF file) to help you process what we are covering to assist you in making better redecisions for your personal situation.  If you’re on the road and don’t have the handouts immediately for the live call, no problem, you can use them anytime.
  • Recorded Replay Session: You’ll receive the REPLAY/MP3 in case you can’t make the live call and/or want to listen to it again.
  • Ebook: Kim’s 45-page ebook, “Holiday Stress Be Gone!” filled with ideas, lists, exercises and inspiration.

I'm Excited To Support You Through This Holiday Month And Into January!

Holiday Stress Be Gone! – EBook and TeleClass meets by telephone (join from anywhere in the world!)

TELECLASS Dates: Two (2) 90 Minute Sessions

Session 1:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013  

6:30 pm MST/5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST


Session 2:

Tuesday, January 7, 2014  

6:30 pm MST/5:30 pm PST/8:30 pm EST


Why December and  January?

Post-holiday (January) emotions can be the worst for some people. I want to support you through and past the holidays and into your New Year.

This content packed TeleClass will cover the following focused themes:

  • how to pre-plan your holiday events
  • how to stay organized
  • how to make travel work for you and your immediate family
  • how to say “No!” to over-spending and gift giving
  • how to be okay with taking back items, with receipts, and save money this year
  • how to balance cooking, baking and candlestick making!
  • how to take care of yourself and your needs
  • how to balance time and energy with family to keep your cool and your sanity
  • how to not “please everyone!” and still make it all work out
  • how to anticipate problems and solutions
  • how to step back and see the “bigger picture”
  • how to change the chemistry in your brain and body from negative to positive in one step
  • how to give yourself “permission” to let go of what you usually have been in control of
  • how to get and keep organized pre-and post-holiday season
  • and so much more


Red ticket in black handWhen stress is at its peak, it’s hard to stop and regroup. Taking steps to prevent stress and the energy surges, anger, depletion and depression it can cause, especially if you have past holiday-triggers, is a must in order to step back into your joy and peace in the moment and for the season ahead.

It’s so much easier to make decisions and choices when we can “think out loud” with a trusted friend or personal coach; someone who supports you in the moment to reshape your thoughts and feelings in order to move ahead in a better way.

In this two-session TICKET TO SHIFT program, I’m here for you to listen, inspire, discuss, strategize and guide you through the ups and downs of:

  • holiday decision making
  • family relationships and dynamics that cause stress and frustration
  • questions you have about decisions and choices that are confusing to make alone
  • trusting yourself and your decisions, when others don’t agree with your or are even angry with you
  • deciding when “enough is enough” in relation to spending money, gift-buying, food preparation, party planning, etc.
  • giving yourself permission to be, do and have what you want
  • needing a touchstone where you can just be yourself and relax
  • being able to know that you can tell your truth and be heard for the changes you want
  • taking care of yourself “first” (in order to be and have more energy for others)


"I'm Actually Looking Forward To Christmas This Year!"

“The exercises and assignments you give are so helpful. I sat down and didn’t move until I finished them all. I’ve “re‐decided” the few things that have been making my holidays miserable for years. How great to let them go and actually look forward to Christmas this year! I’m telling all my friends to get your books and use them over and over again!”

~ Claire, Nurse San Francisco, CA



I’ve also created Holiday Stress Be Gone! EBook and TeleClass as a way to help you stay accountable to yourself for the plans and changes you want the most. It is well documented that weight loss, exercise and other goals are reached much easier with a personal trainer, accountability coach or accountability buddy. I, and the other participants in the session, will be that for you! You’re not alone in feeling frustrated around the holidays, everyone gets good from our sessions, helping all of us grow and enjoy this season more


We will meet Pre-Christmas and Post-Holidays as we head into the New Year.


Session 1:

 Holiday Madness Doesn't Have To Be Your Story!


We’ll be discussing:

  • What stresses you out most?
  • What are you already hearing yourself complain or gripe about?
  • What triggers you to feel angry or negative?
  • Who pushes your buttons and what you can do about it?
  • What problems are already making you feel anxious or frustrated?
  • Where do you feel out of control?
  • What would you like to change and are afraid to ask?
  • Who puts the monkey wrench into your holiday planning?
  • Do you stress about finances, feeling badly about a small budget?
  • Are you dealing with loss or grief?
  • What is your big wish for this Christmas, and what will limit it?
  • What will make you happy?
  • What do you want from others?
  • Do you suffer from Holiday Blues?
  • Decide who and how you want to be this year, and be okay with it/you.



Session 2:

A New Year Is Easy, When You Live It One Day At A Time, Stress Free.


We'll be discussing:

  • What went right over the holidays?
  • What joys did you experience?
  • If the holidays weren’t as happy as you wanted, how are you dealing with it?
  • Many people suffer from Post-Holiday Blues, are you?
  • What losses did you experience and feel and what diminished your joy?
  • How can you re-decide for next holiday season now?
  • How are you un-decorating to get back into the New Year?
  • What do you want to accomplish by the end of this month to feel great about yourself?


Turn a Season of Stress into a Season to Savor!

This program is packed with immediate keys to help you redecide, let go and move on to where you really want to be this holiday season. You’ll get my well-known common sense and practical solutions to holiday stressors, laced with lots of humor and TLC too!


As part of a comprehensive program, you will receive handouts prior to each of the two workshop sessions, emailed as PDF attachment. Make a notebook where you can keep these and make other notes and journal throughout the upcoming weeks to help you now, for next year and for years to come.


You’ll receive the REPLAY / MP3 in case you can’t make the live call and/or want to listen to it again (and again!)



tc - HSBG book coverThis is a great workbook where you’ll find out:

1)   the ONE WORD to jumpstart and to re-start your sanity

2)   the TWO WORDS that will keep you focused and free

3)   the THREE WORDS that will empower you and create healthy holiday boundaries

4)   the QUESTIONS to ask yourself to make sure you’re planning ahead for a great holiday

5)   the Top 12 Reasons People Experience Stress During The Holidays

6)   how to make your STRESSORS WORK FOR YOU, not against you

7)   the FIVE WORDS that can CHANGE THE DIRECTION of your thoughts from stress, chaos and overwhelm to calm, choice and freedom

8)   the answer to how much you DESERVE by using the DESERVING CHECKLIST OF 50 TRUTHS

9)   the answer to WHAT DO YOU WANT? by using writing exercises and defining questions



12)  the TIPS and GUIDES to

  • The 2 most important checklists you can have to save your sanity
  • Greeting Cards: The Rules to Make and Break
  • Gift Buying and Shopping Madness
  • Cooking, Cleaning, Baking and Candlestick Making
  • Travel: From Bed to Table or Around the World
  • Eating, Drinking, Indulging and Enjoying FOOD
  • Religious Holiday Rituals and Ceremonies

13)  The KEYS to surviving the Holiday Season

14)   Get a Jump on Next Holiday Season and Stop Stress in its Tracks!!


"Getting My Family All On The Same Page Has Made A Miraculous Change"

“I’ve bought copies for each of my siblings and our parents across the country! Now we’re all on the same page. It's a miracle! No more crazy holidays, and that includes every weekend and all other holidays, big and small! Wow, what a difference your ideas have made for us in such a short while! THANK YOU, KIM!”

~ Sally, Technician Santa Fe, NM


Holiday Stress Be Gone! EBook and Workshop Series

Why spend another holiday season stressed, frustrated and beside yourself. You deserve better!


Ebook and TeleClasses

Only $79


Because, it's time for a stress free holiday!




Ebook Only

Only $19

Yes, I'm ready for a stress free holiday!


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