"Who Else Wants to Get More Done, Finish Those Never Ending Lists of TO DOs and Projects, and Stop Feeling Stressed, Embarrassed, Guilty, Wrong and Bad About Themselves?"

Why is this important? Because you want to enjoy your life, right? You want to feel good about yourself, calm and relaxed while being productive, using your talents and skills for the best, right?

That's not happening if you keep putting things off until tomorrow, or, "later."

How does it feel when you procrastinate? Not good.

Wouldn't it be great to get past procrastination already, get in the flow of your best life and keep flowing?

YES! The answer is, YES!!

"Dr. DeClutter" has stories!

As "Dr. DeClutter" a Professional Organizer for over 13 years, and a counselor, therapist and personal coach for since the '80s, I've seen lots of people "waiting to get to it." Waiting and procrastinating, having excuses and reasons, some very good ones too!, but still losing time and life by not "just doing it."

I'm always saddened by how much great talent and how many great ideas may never be experienced and enjoyed by others because people keep waiting.

Are you waiting? What for? For how long?

Waiting for the right time, more money, the better job, more education, another title.

You can't get time back!

Mostly, people are waiting "to be good enough." It's about fear. But, not always about the kind of fear you might think!


How Do I Start?

NIKE has JUST DO IT down, by and for men, for decades. Left brain, let's just do stuff, men. But, for women, and some men, who are very right brained and have lots of emotion laced into decision making and choices, the issue is "How do I start?"

I'm going to help you with the strategies on "how to start" and then, keep going!

As a Priority Coach, I work with people from all walks of life who just need the foundation, structure and plan to help them get started and keep moving into their dreams.

I want to work with you too to stop waiting and start doing. I want you to get your talents and gifts out and into the world, no matter how big or small they are. They are, you are, important!

Register today for this Teleclass:

Stop Waiting!

How to Win The War on Procrastination

Monday, December 16, 2013

6:30 pm MST/USA     5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Eastern

The teleclass will be recorded for replay within 48 hours

of the class if you miss the live program.

  • Do you have a To Do List that just never gets To Done?
  • Does procrastination stress you out, limit your choices, and affect your peace of mind, business success, and relationships?
  • Do you feel embarrassed and guilty about all that you’ve still not started or completed?

Learn focused strategies and techniques to get past procrastinating in all three areas of life distractions (inner, outer and other). Bring your questions about your list of incomplete tasks and projects, decisions and choices waylaid, and organizing and decluttering frustrations. Get help and answers that will get you back on track immediately.

Includes Handout Materials and Lecture on the following:

  • Define areas of procrastination: What's stopping you?
  • Learn how our “enough” ceiling stops us from our best life
  • Discuss programmed fears, self-doubt, patterns and habits that block movement
  • Use the 3 Categories of Decision to make re-decisions for change
  • Learn the 10 Keys to Stop Procrastinating
  • Write a plan of action to make step-by-step movement on your projects, goals and dreams
  • You will receive the replay of the recorded teleclass within 48 hours after the class ends


No more waiting! Here's your Ticket To Shift!

Register now. Only $19.00


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Save now and get individual time with me to get the solutions to your personal frustrating procrastination habits and patterns, or other life/work issues you need strategizing with!

Get This Ticket To Shift Teleclass PLUS Private TeleCoaching Session Only $97 when you purchase now.

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What workshop participants say,


"You are so funny! You helped me pop out of some old beliefs about my "good enoughs" so quickly I couldn't believe it. I realized so much by the end of the class of how and why I keep waiting to get started and enjoy my life. Thank you!"


"Boy, I really needed this shove to get on with my life already. I've been putting so many things on the back burner and life keeps passing by. That is really scary. I have the plan put together that you shared and I'm chunking and chipping away at my list. You'd be proud! Thank you, Kim!"



Kim Wolinski 150x150Kim Wolinski, MSW “Dr. DeClutter”

Works with clients internationally to help them move past their past and into the present and future they really want.

Kim is a "Ticket To Shift" Priority Coach, internationally known speaker, author, stress expert and professional organizer. She offers practical tools and step-by-step strategies to move forward in your life immediately to take your life back.




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